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Partner and scale exponentially

We find ourselves within an era marked by resurgence. Though the pandemic and inflation predominantly favored well-established brands, the landscape shifted post-2022, revealing the remarkable resilience of regional and local brands. These underdogs have surged ahead at an accelerated pace, outpacing their established counterparts. Their market share has steadily climbed, reaching 28% in the Moving Annual Total (MAT) by April 2023. While national brands recorded a growth rate of approximately 8%, local brands soared past the 12.5% mark. The convergence of factors like the pandemic-induced lull, a deeper understanding of consumer preferences, and their aspirations, has synergistically propelled local and regional brands forward in a nonlinear trajectory.

A recent report from Redseer has unveiled the ascent of a new 'Mass' consumer class alongside the existing 'Affluent' and 'Striver' categories. This emerging class is projected to command a substantial 65% of Bharat's retail market by 2030. What distinguishes this segment is their affinity for local brands, coupled with a keen emphasis on obtaining value for their money and optimizing the balance between price and quality.

At Brands of Bharat, we serve as the launchpad for local products to transition into the next generation of mass-market brands in the nation. As local manufacturers leverage modern technology, connectivity, and easy access to information, Brands of Bharat assumes a pivotal role as a catalyst in the transformative journeys of numerous regional manufacturers. Amidst the proliferation of fresh brands spanning every corner of Bharat, Brands of Bharat excels in identifying micro brands that exhibit a robust Product-Market Fit (PMF). Our approach involves fostering partnerships, granting exclusive distribution avenues, uncovering untapped opportunities by venturing into potential cross-category domains, harnessing the potential of budget-friendly marketing and branding strategies, fostering accelerated innovation, and, crucially, venturing into uncharted territories where established brands hesitate to tread.


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