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25taka, margin pakka!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Indian retailers stand as the stalwarts of India's consumer goods sector. While e-commerce/q-commerce models are picking up in Urban cities, they're not feasible in rural and remote cities. Their unwavering resilience came to the forefront during the pandemic. Amidst the vast expanse of over 12 million Kirana shops in Bharat, they emerged as the lifeline for a billion consumers, spanning urban, rural, and remote areas. Despite grappling with compromised distribution networks, limited access to goods, nationwide lockdowns, and stringent restrictions, Indian retailers showcased their unwavering dedication to customer well-being, ensuring that every household had uninterrupted access to their essential needs. Beyond serving as social connectors within local communities, they also play a pivotal role as an informal credit source, particularly in rural Bharat where purchases are often made through weekly or monthly installments.

Regrettably, in Bharat, the magnitude of their contributions is often unmatched by their earnings. On average, retailers eke out a meager 8-10% profit margin on their goods. Despite this, they readily extend credit to customers, even when it directly impacts their day-to-day cash flows. While urban consumers might veer towards faceless e-commerce or direct-to-consumer platforms for their purchases, more than 70% of individuals still rely on kirana shops for their personalized shopping experience. As per Gartner, Kirana stores will continue to contribute a significant 90% to the market valued at over $1.3 trillion

At Brands of Bharat, our mission revolves around enhancing margins for this crucial 90% of kirana proprietors through our innovative app - 25taka! This platform empowers retailers with an expansive array of high-margin, high-quality FMCG products. Operating through a user-friendly and intuitive interface, accessible to retailers nationwide, 25taka is designed to streamline the entire process. Each product showcased on 25taka undergoes stringent curation for quality assurance, thus ensuring that every purchase is fortified with a seal of trust.

In the past two years, we've enabled over 25,000 kirana owners to more than double their earnings, all while providing their customers access to exceptional quality products.


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