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Need of the NHB Consumer - High Quality, Affordable, Accessible Products

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

In the swiftly evolving landscape of Indian consumers, unprecedented shifts are underway. The realm of consumer sector growth is characterized by a dual nature: the escalating purchases among existing patrons and the influx of new consumers. Recent times have seen these dual dimensions closely intertwined with ‘Aspirations’ – a pivotal driving force that has steered the industry through a myriad of challenges and triumphs. Bharat, a land of vast expanse, is also a domain of profound aspirations.

The imminent arrival of five hundred million `aspirational` consumers in Bharat heralds a significant transformation. Their desires extend beyond mere contentment with middle-class status; instead, they strive for an opulent yet affordable way of life. Brands of Bharat stands at the precipice of this monumental shift. Our mission is clear: to proffer premium, cost-effective, and readily accessible products that not only meet these aspirations but also infuse joy into every interaction with our brands.

The Current Landscape: Fragmentation in the Indian FMCG Market

Presently, the Indian FMCG market stands divided. In stark contrast to most Western markets, the upper echelon of players in India commands less than 30% of the market share. This unique dynamic opens avenues for localized and regional innovators to cater to the diverse consumer base.

Navigating Consumer Preferences: Insights from Redseer Survey

Insights from a recent Redseer survey illuminate the preferences of Indian consumers. A significant portion of consumers display a willingness to embrace unbranded products, provided they receive commensurate value. Among these consumers, over 60% are categorized as 'Mass' consumers – individuals who prioritize quality products that bring tangible value. This contrasts with the traditional 'Strivers' or 'Affluent' consumers who gravitate towards essentials or premium offerings. As the industry anticipates a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%, propelling it to a $2 trillion market by 2030, the 'Mass' consumers emerge as the most rapidly expanding segment, contributing a substantial 65% to this thriving sector.

Empowering a Paradigm Shift: Brands of Bharat's Vision

Amidst these dynamic shifts, Brands of Bharat takes on a transformative role. Our vision transcends mere brands of products; it's about recalibrating Bharat's consumption patterns one brand and one product at a time. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the right brand and the right consumer, all at the right price point, leveraging our extensive retail and distribution network. This endeavor equips our consumers with a locally powered lifestyle, seamlessly aligning with Bharat’s diverse preferences and aspirations. We get Bharat!


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