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Building the Next

10K Brands for Bharat

Mass Market.
Distribution First.

Re-imagining the FMCG products for the billion Indians

We are on a mission

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We are on a mission to build the next

1000s of loved and trusted Mass Market

FMCG Brands for the people in Middle India


Scale your Brand with us

Start selling your products today.
List your products and go direct-to-retailer.
No distributor, no wholesaler.

100+ Brands have grown their retailer reach and sales by 10x

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Discover the Brands of Bharat

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Powering small and local brands to reach their potential

Are you an FMCG manufacturer?

Go from being a manufacturer to a brand creator with our data-backed approach

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We handpick our Brands with
qualities that suit Bharat

Strong PMF For Bharat


Value For Money

High Quality


At Brands of Bharat we thrive to create a 

value chain where everyone WINS - Manufacturers, Retailers and Consumers

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We'd love to hear from you

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Brands of Bharat

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